Saturday 19 Oct, 2019

Starting at 9:30am

DigitYser, Brussels

Boulevard d'Anvers 40, Bruxelles

The Opportunity in the Challenge

Digitalisation has fundamentally changed the way that business is conducted in the modern economy. It is shifting the boundaries between what determines success and failure. This is why companies across all industries have entered into a race to secure the best possible talent so that they are able to adapt their business model and strategy to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

For Belgium’s leading companies, finding the best talent has often proved to be a difficult task. This where we come in. Since its inception, Conversion Talent has aimed to bridge the perceived employment gap in the market, helping top global brands to connect with Europe’s best digital specialists. We do not see ourselves as traditional recruiters, rather as a digital solutions agency, seeking to build the most comprehensive community of experts in Belgium. We offer an unrivalled level of support and communication as we help our candidates to take their next career step.

Rising to the Challenge

Conversion Talent has grown substantially over the last couple of years and this is due to the increasing demand for talent specialising in digital transformation. An area in which we continue to see significant growth is in analytics specialities which is a field that has begun to perform a core role in key projects at our major clients as firms opt for a more data-driven approach. This was shown particularly strongly by our recent salary survey which analyses the income of specialists across a range of disciplines in both freelance and permanent roles within digital marketing.

Big data and web analysts were among the highest earners in digital industries across Belgium (outside of management roles). It is important to also note that the potential for growth in income (relative to experience) also outperformed the vast majority of disciplines within digital. Rising salaries are representative of the importance that companies are placing on the work of analysts.

Our clients are increasingly dedicated to using structured and unstructured data in both their day to day decision making as well as their long term business strategy. We are seeing demand for our analysts from a wide range of industries from telecommunications and finance to retail and automotive. Combined with the fact that roles such as that of a data scientist are set to become the most in demand jobs the world’s most digital economies this year (United States and the UK). We can see that the future is looking very bright for analytics experts operating in the Belgian market.

We want to continue to be a key partner in linking web and data analysts with the best roles out there on the market. Conversion Talent is investing in growing their presence and capabilities in this sector as we believe that it will be a company’s access to such talent that will be crucial in determining who goes on to be the industry leaders of tomorrow.

We are proud to be recruitment sponsors at Measurecamp Belgium and we are very much looking forward to connecting with people from across the analytics spectrum. Come and have a chat with us about career opportunities at the event or feel free to send us an email now to and we will get the ball rolling.

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